Monday, November 5, 2012


So I'm not quite 41 weeks yet, but on Wednesday I will be, the day before I will be getting induced! I don't know how long I will be in labor for, I could be in labor for well over 24 hours, especially with this being my first baby. So I might make it to 41 weeks. 

I know in my last post I said that we've decided against induction, and that we really wanted to wait until Rylee comes on her own. I have not made any progress yet. Just a few days ago at my last prenatal checkup, I was still only a tight 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. My doctor called me a couple nights ago and reminded me that he is going to be out of town this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday. He had warned us awhile ago that he goes out of town for a few days every month for school. 

He gave us two options, I could be induced on Tuesday, November 6th, or I could meet his partner, a doctor I'd never met before, and he'd be delivering my baby if she decided to come while my doctor was out of town. I don't know about other women, but I do not want another doctor delivering my baby. Danny and I have grown to love my doctor, and we want him to be there to deliver our daughter. And especially if something were to go wrong, it'd just be a terrible and stressful situation with a doctor I don't even know. 

So we have decided to go in tomorrow at 2 pm to be induced. I will have to fill out paperwork and all that fun stuff, then my doctor will be there around 3 to get everything going. I am nervous, but excited at the same time. I know everything will be okay. My doctor is an amazing doctor and I have no doubts about his knowledge. 

He will be using cytotec still, but the dose is only 25mg. I've done further research on the subject, and the uterine ruptures have been caused by excessive doses of cytotec. My doctor will not be giving me large amounts of it at once. This is why there is so much controversy on the subject. I can't help but think that it'd be completely illegal to use for induction in any hospital if it were bad. They use cytotec all the time and he said I'll be monitored the entire time. I have a feeling everything will be perfect! Hopefully the cytotec ripens my cervix more and I'll go into labor without needing pitocin. 

Thought I'd share this with you guys, I didn't really feel like making a vlog about it, I've been a little busy and very exhausted lately. This week has kicked my butt. I might make a video about it later on, though. I will definitely make a vlog about my labor and delivery story, I promise! 


This week has been so much harder on me than previous weeks, but that's no surprise I'm sure. I'm nearly 41 weeks and I am so much more tired. Danny and I have been continuing taking walks with our dog, Skyy, but I can't walk as far now because I get the WORST round ligament pain. It's so uncomfortable and there's nothing you can do to ease it, besides stop walking. So it has definitely been a lot harder on my body! I feel larger than ever as well, and that is uncomfortable on it's own. 

Many of you may be wondering about stretch marks, I do have a few on my belly finally. These last couple weeks I have gotten a few, I don't remember if I have already mentioned that in last week's post or not. But I don't have many at all, like I said, just a few. And they aren't too bad at all! I'm actually rather satisfied with my body! We will see how my postpartum body is, though. I've recently started using Tummy Butter from The Spoiled Mama, and it's AMAZING! It's all organic and natural, and I heard it works wonders. I will be reviewing it after using it for a little while longer! But so far I am loving it and it IS helping!

I have been having to wake up a ton in the middle of the night to pee. And it sucks, that's all I really have to say about that. I am glad to say, though, that I have not gotten any swelling in my feet or ankles, so that's one thing I'm happy about! 

I have had some really bad contractions, or what I thought were contractions, a few nights ago. I'd get really bad cramping in my lower abdomen, kind of like menstrual cramps, then my belly would get rock hard while I felt the pain. I was also having really bad lower back pain, and later on I found out that it's because Rylee was in the posterior position, where her back is up against mine basically. And it is so painful. 

Anyway, I am extremely exhausted, and I need to rest before going to get induced tomorrow. So just wish me luck and keep my family and I in your thoughts and prayers! I will keep you updated very soon. Thank you! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


If you've seen my 40 week vlog about my induction plan, then you know that I was supposed to get induced with cytotec today. Today is my due date, officially 40 weeks pregnant! So first of all, I'd like to say, that I have changed my mind. For the first time, I did some research on cytotec and the risks that come along with it. I don't know why it never crossed my mind before! At my last visit with my OB, he told me all about it and what it's meant to do. I sat there and listened as he gave me all this useful information. He is very informative and thorough when explaining something to me, that's what I really like about him. He didn't want to put me on pitocin because since I am still only 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, I would most likely have to have a c-section because I probably wouldn't progress fast enough. 

However, with my pregnancy brain, it didn't even occur to me that there MUST be risks, as there are risks with everything. So this morning I wake up thinking about it, being today's the day I am supposed to be induced with cytotec. I researched the drug, and I found that there are a lot of women who have had great labors and deliveries after being induced with it. But there are also women who have not had good experiences at all with it. I understand that some women and their babies are perfectly fine after taking cytotec, but I definitely don't want to be one of the ones who has a terrible experience. 

The risks that I've read about are terrible. Some women's babies have actually died, as well as the women themselves. Here is a quote from a website someone left on my 4 week pregnancy vlog, and thank you for sharing this, even though I already read about the risks, this was also helpful. It is some information about the drug, as well as someone's actual experience with it. I'll just quote the information, though, click the link below to see the whole story. 

"Cytotec® can cause abnormally strong uterine contractions (hyperstimulation or tetany) so strong that the uterus ruptures, resulting in severe injury or death of the mother and child.  It can cause such heavy bleeding that to save the mother's life, her uterus must be removed (hysterectomy),  leaving her incapable of bearing another child, and disrupting her natural hormones.  The violent contractions it provokes also increase the risk of amniotic fluid emboli that can result in a stroke or death.  Many, or maybe most doctors and nurses using this drug do not know."

After reading all these terrible things about it, I decided to contact my OB, I told him how concerned I was and all the risks I had read about. He told me that I will be fine, as well as baby, and that I will be monitored the whole time to make sure that nothing goes wrong. He said that they do this everyday and everything will be okay. I just don't feel like I should chance it. You only get one life and it's not worth chancing for something like this. 

So even though it has worked for some women with no issues, I do not feel my life, OR Rylee's life is worth risking. She will come when she's ready, and hopefully that's within the next 10 days, because my OB doesn't let his patients go 10 days past their due dates. He will induce me once I am past that. But hopefully she will be here within the next week! I know that this is the best decision I am making for my family and I.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

38 Weeks Pregnant and Induction

I only have 1 week left!! I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow, but I will talk about week 38. Symptoms for week 38 are pretty much all the same. Although, I have been sleeping a lot. I've been sleeping about 12 hours every night. That is crazy to me! Normally I am fully awake after 8-9 hours of sleep. My body has just been so exhausted this week. 

I don't have any new stretch marks. I've also been using my Palmer's stretch mark cream again, a lot of you might think it's pointless, but it can't hurt, right? No swelling in the ankles or feet, which I am super stoked about. I've been having some Braxton Hicks contractions here and there, but not too much, which makes me really think I won't go into labor anytime soon. Not only that, but I really don't think Rylee has dropped yet. It doesn't look like she has! 

So tomorrow (Wednesday the 24th), we have another doctor's appointment. Once again, he will check for dilation and effacement, yay! Hopefully I've been making progress. Dr. Eiland also told me that we'll talk about my birthing options, as far as waiting beyond my due date and being induced. I told him I will most likely choose to be induced on my due date. OH, before I go any further, my original due date (the one that's actually on my pregnancy verification form) is October 23rd, that's today!! The reason we've been saying October 31st is because when they did the first ultrasound, based on the baby's measurments, they said Halloween is the due date. But based on my last missed period, it's technically today. So who knows really! Due dates always seem to be off, anyway. 

Now, continuing on with my reasons for wanting to be induced... for one, my doctor told me he won't let me go 10 beyond my due date, he'll induce me 10 after my due date if I decide to wait for Rylee to come on her own. He said the reason for that is because there are dangers for waiting beyond your due date. I don't remember everything exactly that he said, but there are definitely risks. Also, I don't feel like pushing out a baby that is over 8 pounds, the baby will continue to grow half a pound each week. The placenta degrades when you go beyond that point, so I definitely don't want to have any issues with my baby because I waited too long. There is a lot of useful information on the internet that you can read about, and I'm sure it will make a lot more sense than the way I am trying to explain it! But, there are tons of things that can go wrong! And if I am actually supposed to be due today, then I definitely don't want to wait past the 31st! 

I know that the labor pains will be more intense if I get induced, and I am fully ready to take that on. Labor is no joy ride in the first place. Many women get induced without an epidural as well, so I'm hoping for the best and hoping that everything goes as planned. I know that the risk of having to get a c-section is increased if you get induced, but like I said, I'm just hoping and praying for the best! Obviously some women don't have a good experience being induced, but some women do. Everyone is different and everyone will have a different outcome, that is true with everything. If my doctor didn't believe that Rylee and I would be safe, he wouldn't offer an induction. I trust my doctor, and he is an EXCELLENT doctor! So glad to have him!

I hope you guys understand my decisions, and I am so happy to have Rylee here soon! I appreciate all of the support and lovely comments. Thank you!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birth Plan: UPDATED

I've been getting a lot, and I mean a lot, of questions about my birth plan and whether or not I will still be doing a water birth. I am no longer able to do a water birth due to the fact that I will be delivering in a different hospital than I thought I'd be delivering in. Danny and I have moved a couple of different times and the hospital near our house does not do water births. 

I really, really wanted a water birth. It was planned because I wanted to go natural and that seemed like the ideal way for me. I wanted to be relaxed, with candles lit, and soft music in a nice, relaxing and warm bathtub. I was never planning on doing an at-home birth, I wanted to be in a normal birthing center and do my water birth there. It was totally possible when I still lived in the Portland area, obviously much more things are possible in larger cities.

Since I live in a smaller town now, there are not as many opportunities like there are in cities of course. So I will just be doing a natural birth in a regular ol' hospital bed, which I am actually okay with. I have come to terms with this awhile ago. I figured leaving Portland, I wouldn't get to have the water birth I'd hoped for. But I am perfectly content with my birth plan now. I do not plan on having an epidural. Women's bodies are meant for this, we are meant to give birth. I don't feel it's necessary to have an epidural, especially with all of the risks that come along with it. I am not against epidurals, nor will I ever try and talk someone out of having one, and I'd appreciate the same from others. I am strong minded, and I know I can do this without any pain relief! The pain is only temporary, and it will all be worth it in the end!

So I will still be having a natural birth if everything is okay and if there is no need for an emergency cesarean section of course, but it definitely won't be a water birth. 

I have also gotten questions about breastfeeding. I've done tons of research on breastfeeding because I wanted to know all of the benefits. I will be breastfeeding. My goal is to breastfeed for one year. That is usually the recommended time to breastfeed for. It is also recommended that you exclusively breastfeed for 6 months, meaning that the baby only feeds on breast milk, and no other foods or liquids. I am confident that I can do it, I am aware that it will be painful, though. There are many reasons I choose breastfeeding over formula feeding my baby. Of course it's great that breastfeeding will help me lose the baby weight, but it's so much more than that. It's so much healthier for myself AND baby. It decreases any risks of ovarian and cervical cancer for the both of us. Breastfeeding decreases the chances of baby getting any kind of illnesses. It decreases the chances of baby ever getting obese. ALSO, a big one I like, breast milk goes through baby's body faster, making baby dirty diapers faster, and I know that doesn't sound too exciting, BUT, formula sits in baby's stomach longer so the baby feels more full for a longer period of time. This can cause constipation. 

So basically I just want what's healthiest for my baby!

Here is a message to everyone who leaves me sweet comments telling me they believe in me and they know I'll do great with a natural birth, also to everyone who tells me I inspire them to have a natural birth: 
Thank you so much! I don't know if you guys realize this, but I DO read all of your comments on YouTube, even though I may not always be able to write back to all of them. Your encouraging comments mean a lot to me. I love all of you! And for the soon to be moms out there who tell me I inspire you to have a natural birth because of the way I am approaching it, just keep in mind that your body is fully capable of giving birth with no medications! Of course labor is a scary thing to approach, but we just have to go in to that hospital with the right attitude and remember that we CAN do this, and that it will all be over sooner than later. Also remember that all the pain we'll endure will all be worth it in the end when we have our babies in our arms! 

37 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms for week 37: 

  • Acid reflux almost everyday
  • Braxton Hicks contractions
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  • Getting up every few hours to go pee

I still have yet to get swelling in my ankles and/or feet! As for stretch marks, at the very end of week 37, I found one on my lower left belly! It's a very faint pink shade. I'm very surprised that I haven't gotten more at this point. I'm very lucky I haven't. Of course I can still get more, but usually at this point people seem to have a ton already. I have stopped using my stretch mark oils and creams, which I forgot to mention in previous weeks. My stomach has been pretty itchy once in awhile also, and I do scratch it sometimes! I don't scratch it very much, but I'm pretty sure scratching only makes it worse! Like I've stated before though, I'm not too worried about stretch marks either way. They will fade a little bit, also considering I barely have any and the only one I do have is pretty faint!


Danny and I went to see my doctor again this week, and this time I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced! We will go to see him again on Wednesday, the 24th, when I am 39 weeks. We will discuss our options with him, as far as induction goes. He won't let me go 10 past my due date, which is good, baby only gets bigger! I might get induced on the evening of the 30th if Rylee hasn't come yet. My decisions and choices have been well thought out, and they are best for me and my family. We are excited to have Rylee here in the next couple weeks! Also, I will be walking A LOT these next couple weeks to try and help labor start on it's own. I'm hoping she comes sooner so I don't have to be induced, but we will see! Either way, Danny and I couldn't be any more excited!!

Thanks for being so supportive! I appreciate all the wonderful comments you all leave me. <3

36 Weeks Pregnant

For week 36, symptoms are pretty much the same as week 35. I have been having A LOT of acid reflux, and it is so uncomfortable! I find that chewing ANY kind of gum relieves my acid reflux. I'd recommend it if you have it also, it really does work! As well as acid reflux, I've been having a lot of lower back pain, but we finally bought a yoga ball, yay! The yoga ball definitely helps, as soon as I sit on it and rock back and forth, or even side to side, my back feels so much better! 

I had a lot of sciatic nerve pain in week 36. It feels like a sharp stabbing pain, and it is SO painful, it makes it hard to even stand. I have been waking up more in the middle of the night to pee also. I feel like I've been waking up every 2 hours! I try to look at the time when I do wake up, but sometimes I am just too tired. 


Danny and I went to the doctor's office this week, just like we do every week now, and I was a fingertip dilated, which is less than a centimeter dilated! I knew those Braxton Hicks weren't happening for nothing! It was kind of painful when he was checking for dilation, but it wasn't too bad, just something I wasn't used to. 

Thanks again to everyone who is following and supporting me, you are all awesome! <3 

35 Weeks Pregnant

For week 35, I have been feeling: 
  • Exhausted
  • Nesting stage towards the end of the week
  • No stretch marks or swelling in ankles/feet
  • Acid reflux 
  • Braxton Hicks contractions
  • Pelvic pressure 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

UPDATE: Bad Things Happen To GOOD People

I know this is not pregnancy related at all, BUT, I feel that this issue has gotten out of hand and needs to be dealt with. A couple weeks ago, my step dad's truck got stolen while he and Danny were camping. Danny left his iPhone 4S under the passenger seat because it had 3% battery, and he felt it'd be safer in the truck than with him around the water and mud. And yes, the truck was locked, but the thieves got into it through the back window, popped the ignition out, and most likely used a screwdriver to start it (it's an old Toyota). 

Anyway, the cops around here didn't do much about the situation, so my mom and step dad searched for their truck on their own. They found it, with nothing left inside. The stereo was ripped out, and Danny's iPhone was also stolen. We called AT&T and reported the phone  stolen and they put it on the block list for us, so whoever has the phone won't be able to use it at all. We did have a tracking app on his phone before it got stolen, but whoever stole it must have taken the microsim out because it never showed up when we would try to track it. 

Very early this morning, on October 2, 2012, our car got broken into. Danny woke up at 6 to get ready for work. He came up to our room and told me that someone had broken into it and the whole inside was trashed. I don't know how they got in, I made SURE that I locked the doors, I press the lock button on the key about 4-5 times every time I lock the doors, and I see the car lights flash when I do it, so I know it gets locked. No windows were bashed in, no windows were even rolled down. The center console was ripped out, but nothing important was taken, we didn't really have anything important in the car. However, they did take a 4 boxes of granola bars that Danny bought for his lunches. These people must have been hungry if all they took was food! Luckily, the chief of police was slowly driving right past us as we were making sure nothing valuable was taken from our car. We stopped him and talked to him about what happened. Apparently, there were about 10 other reported thefts from other people's cars in the same neighborhood. We spoke to a couple of our neighbors already, and everyone is furious and tired of this shit happening over and over again. 

There's not really anything the police can do about it, they can't really seem to take fingerprints anymore from what they say, so this same crap is probably going to keep on happening. I've been out of this town for a couple years, and I've only been back for over a month and it has gotten so much worse since I've been gone. The thieves are getting away with so much, it's ridiculous. I understand that this is happening everywhere, but it's happening way too much in this small area, and it's only getting worse. 

So to everyone who lives in the South Bend/Raymond/Bay Center areas, you need to make sure your security is really good. Double check your car doors and make sure they are actually locked, don't leave ANY money or electronics in your car, even if your car is locked! Some people don't have a problem with bashing windows in. If you have a garage that locks up, then you're pretty much set. But there a lot of people around here who don't have garages. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant

I've been getting so exhausted lately, just from standing, or even walking up the stairs! I've definitely been feeling much more tired this week. Time is going by so fast, it's becoming so much more real to me that I am going to be a mom soon. 
I still have only been waking up once in the middle of the night. Sometimes I don't even wake up in the middle of the night, but I'll wake up around 7 AM to pee, then go back to sleep for a couple more hours. 
As for my body, I have yet to get stretch marks. It's crazy that I haven't gotten them yet, but I still have a few more weeks! I haven't been scratching my belly, either, when it's itchy, which is really rare, thank goodness! I have not yet gotten any swelling in my ankles or feet, which is a good thing because it's something I dread! 
I can't remember much of my symptoms, I forget a lot lately, as if my memory wasn't bad enough! Thank you all for following me along my journey, the big day will be here before we know it! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

33 Weeks Pregnant

I am getting so close! Week 33 has consisted of pretty much the same symptoms!! Big surprise, right? Oh, I actually might have forgotten to mention that I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions. Or maybe I did mention that? There goes that pregnancy brain! Braxton Hicks contractions are just false contractions, when your body is preparing for actual labor. They aren't too bad, they just feel like mild period cramps, but those are never really fun, either!

I still have round ligament pain every now and then, and acid reflux, which is a total drag. I usually just chew gum and that relieves the acid reflux. I also have a hard time standing up for a long period of time without feeling so exhausted and out of breath. Like I said in my pregnancy vlog, I am beginning to feel over being pregnant. I'm at the point to where I am just so uncomfortable. It could be worse, though. I could have swollen ankles and feet! I could still possibly get them actually. 

I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet, still waiting for that to happen. I expect to get extra big these last few weeks! Rylee has been moving so much, sometimes her movements are so strong, it scares me half to death! I usually feel her moving a lot really late at night, or really early in the morning. I haven't had to wake up so much in the middle of the night to pee, which is so nice! I still only wake up once in the middle of the night.

I know I probably haven't covered everything for this week, but these last few weeks feel like such a blur. They all just feel like the same week, as far as symptoms go. I will keep you all updated on anything that changes!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

32 Weeks Pregnant

First photo: Rylee was up high. 
Second photo: Rylee was positioned lower.

  • Occasional round ligament pain
  • Frequent acid reflux
  • Tenderness in pubic symphysis 
  • Lower back pain
  • Shortness of breath when standing long periods of time
  • Not being able to breathe as easily as I normally would
  • Irritableness 
  • Braxton Hicks contractions

I'm pretty sure that covers it! No stretch marks, no swelling in my feet! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant

Hello again! I am in the middle of my 31st week! I will be 32 weeks on Wednesday, September, 5th. So basically this whole trimester is just feeling the same, well, it might be getting worse and worse as the weeks go by (symptom wise). I am feeling more and more tired it seems like. I just feel so exhausted, even if I haven't done anything that has worn me out. My belly is getting bigger, and my body has more weight to support. It definitely puts a lot on my back. Like I mentioned last week, I have been getting more lower back pain. It even hurts to bend down when I am putting pants on, or taking pants off. My belly is also in the way of bending over. But I try to do my best!

Some other painful symptoms that I've still been having are occasional acid reflux and round ligament pain. I have to say that the worst part of my pregnancy has been round ligament pain. It is an on and off thing now, but when it does happen, it is so painful. It's like a sharp stabbing feeling in my lower abdomen, sometimes on the right side, sometimes on the left. If I am on a walk, I will need to take a break so that the pain goes away. But lately it seems to not happen as often as it used to! My acid reflux doesn't happen every day either, but when it does I just chew some peppermint gum and it goes away. I don't get heartburn, I've only gotten it once during my whole pregnancy and it was terrible! I think it might be worse than acid reflux, in my opinion. And no, acid reflux and heartburn does NOT mean your baby WILL have a lot of hair, that is a wive's tale. I've done plenty of research on all kinds of things pregnancy related, and if you've done your research, then you'd know that too. I am not going to get into it, but if your'e interested in looking up, then I recommend you do so. 

Emotionally, I have only been getting more and more ready for Rylee to be here. I was so scared at first, I couldn't imagine having  a baby at this age (20). But I know I can do it. My mom did it when she was 20, and she did an amazing job, even for a single parent. She is amazing. I know I can do this. It also helps knowing that Danny is here, he's 24 and he's more than ready. He is super excited for our baby to be here, I know he is going to be an amazing father. I have been forgetting a lot of things lately, too. I'll need to do something, and it will leave my mind completely. I guess people call it "pregnancy brain", and it sucks because I've always kind of had a bad memory in the first place! I am definitely a little more emotional than normal, I am pretty sure it has to do with my exhaustion as well, though. I am an irritable person when I am tired, so now that I am ALWAYS feeling tired, I have a hard time controlling my irritableness. I am kind of snappy toward Danny a lot, and I really try not to be, but my hormones get the best of me most the time. I appreciate him for putting up with it, though, but I know he doesn't deserve it. I try my hardest to keep my mood swings under control. 

My sleeping schedule is still pretty awesome I must say. I am still not waking up in the middle of the night to pee, not even once! However, I do wake up early in the morning to pee, usually around 6 or 7. I hear that a lot of pregnant women have to pee several times during the night, and I am just glad I'm still able to sleep during the night without having to wake up. Maybe in the next few weeks I'll start having to wake up numerous times in the middle of my sleep to pee, but for now I am enjoying my sleep!

My body is still the same for the most part, besides the size of my belly growing. I have no stretch marks besides the very small, unnoticeable ones on my boobs. I am waiting for my stomach to just pop in the remaining weeks, so we will see what happens. My ankles and feet have not swollen yet either, I am so thankful for that as well. It just looks like something that is really uncomfortable. I will keep you guys updated on EVERYTHING! If anything changes, I will definitely let you know. Thank you for taking your time to read my blogs, and watch my videos. You guys are all so awesome!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms for week 30 are somewhat the same as 29. I'll talk about any pain that I've been having first of all. My lower back kills me when I jog or run, not that I jog or run very often, but say for instance it's raining outside, and I need to run from my house to my car, that kills my back! Even when I walk sometimes my back will hurt a little bit. But I know it is normal, my stomach is getting bigger and my back has a lot more weight to support. I also have a little tenderness on my pubic symphysis. I usually only feel that pain later at night, though. If I turn from one side to another at night when I'm in bed, I can definitely feel the pain around that area. 

My sleeping schedule has been nice. Still going to bed somewhat early (compared to what time I used to go to sleep) and waking up earlier. My body has definitely been a lot more exhausted lately, and I get very tired a lot sooner. I haven't had any issues waking up in the middle of the night surprisingly. I figured at this point I'd be waking up at least a few times in the middle of the night to pee. I only wake up once, and usually it's after the sun has already come up, usually around 6 or 7. It's actually really nice not having to wake up so many times during the night. 

Fetal movement for this week has become more often, as it should every week. I feel Rylee moving all over the place. It used to just be in one spot that I'd feel her move, but now I'll feel her moving in a few different spots at once. It actually scares me sometimes, the movements are much stronger. I feel her move a lot early in the morning when I am still asleep, and sometimes it even keeps me up! I am still just so amazed every time I feel her move, I can't believe there is a human in there! I am getting happier and happier as the days go by. 

As for changes in my body, I am still at a healthy weight, I am not too big, or too small. I don't have any stretch marks still (yet), I don't know if I will get them or not, but I will let everyone know for sure by the end of my pregnancy. Like I said before though, my boobs have gotten a few stretch marks, but they haven't changed, they are still the same size (very small and hard to see). I tried pointing them out to my fiance and he couldn't even see them. But I know my body and it's a lot easier for me to spot changes. I have been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and maybe my skin just has really good elasticity, or maybe the cocoa butter has helped, either way, I haven't gotten any stretch marks on my belly, or sides. I think I've always had pretty elastic skin though, compared to others. 

I've been feeling pretty short of breath lately, I can definitely tell that Rylee is pushing up against my lungs, or my uterus anyway. I have a harder time breathing, and I think that is one of the most annoying things about pregnancy!! However, I am glad that I don't have any swollen feet/ankles. 

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me, I appreciate everything everyone has done for me, and the support everyone has given me. I may not be able to reply to everyone on YouTube or FaceBook, but I do love you all. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

29 Weeks Pregnant

Week 29 has been kind of a blur. It went by so fast. All I remember really is back pain and round ligament pain. My lower back hurts a lot more than usual, and I am getting more uncomfortable. I haven't been able to go on decent walks because of my round ligament pain, it would hurt a lot more after walking for awhile. BUT, I still do other forms of safe exercise! 

This week Danny and I also went to the doctors again. For those of you who haven't kept up on my previous posts, we are now living in Washington (state) with my mom for now. She is helping us while Danny is working with my step dad. So I chose a doctor here in my area, and he is the BEST OB I've had throughout my pregnancy. I've been to a total of four OB doctors (excluding him) since being pregnant because we've moved a couple times, and none of them were as patient and caring as the one I now have, and he will also be delivering my baby! Danny and I feel so comfortable with him. We are so happy. 

Some of you may be wondering why I have been to four different OB doctors. Well, I've only really been to two different OB offices, one in Oregon when I still lived there, and one in Arizona when I moved. I saw the same OB every time in Oregon, but in Arizona, they had me see three different ones every time I went in, because the one I'd seen in the first place was busy, and so on. I really disliked that I had to see a different OB every time I went in for an appointment, it was uncomfortable and I didn't like the uncertainty of who'd be delivering my baby. But now I have ONE doctor who I will be seeing consistently, so I feel a lot better now. 

As far as being healthy goes, I am in the range of weight gain I am supposed to be in, so I am perfectly healthy! Rylee is moving around a lot, and it lets me know that she is doing good! We are so excited, only 11 more weeks!

28 Weeks Pregnant

SO tired!! This week has gotten terribly worse, in terms of fatigue. I am finally in my third trimester, and I can definitely feel it! I was gradually getting more and more tired again as the weeks went on, but this week, that's all I feel. I am tired constantly. I do have to say, though, that I am loving going to bed early, and waking up earlier. I am going to bed between 11 and midnight usually. I have to admit, it is nice. 

My stomach is feeling so huge now, I have to sit up completely straight to be able to breathe! A lot of people are telling me that I'm not as big as most people are at 28 weeks, but I definitely feel like a hippo! I guess that is normal, though. 

There isn't much else I can say about this week. Like I said in my video, every other symptom still remains, like the round ligament pain for instance. I still don't have any stretch marks, and that is something I will keep you updated on every week. The only symptom that I notice a change in is fatigue. I am feeling more and more exhausted as the weeks go on. We only have 11 weeks left, and I cannot tell you how anxious I am to be done with pregnancy! I am excited! Photo was taken at 29 weeks. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant

Hi again! So today I am actually 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I have started my third trimester, which I will talk about next week. So week 27 has been tiring, and stressful. Once again, Danny and I have moved back north. We will be staying here for awhile now, since we will have a new member of the family very soon. We moved because we weren't doing so well in Arizona financially. Moving back here is a great opportunity for us to start making the money we need to support our own family. We enjoyed our time in Arizona with his family, though. And we definitely do miss them, A LOT! But I feel like we did what was best for us and our baby. 

Like I said, week 27 was very stressful, stressing over money is not fun. I honestly expected Danny and I to have our own little place to live in before or by the time Rylee is here, but it wasn't going to happen if we stayed in Arizona. Moving back to the Oregon/Washington area will give us a chance to move into our own place a lot sooner, because we'll be making money here. It was even more stressful dealing with hurting people as we were leaving. I don't like hurting people, especially people I care about. But at the same time, I need to do what makes me happy, and what is best for me, and this decision I made came from my heart. 

Now for symptoms, I am getting slower, I cannot go on long walks because I start to get uncomfortable. I also get tired more as the weeks go by. My round ligament pain hasn't gotten too much worse from the previous weeks, but it's obviously still there. Like I said about it before, though, it is bearable. I know a lot of women get swollen ankles and/or feet around this time of their pregnancy, but I haven't gotten those (yet). My mom never got swollen ankles or feet with any of her 3 pregnancies. I still don't have stretch marks, I look almost every day to see if I have gotten any. That is one of the things I will definitely keep everyone updated on. And once I get stretch marks (if ever), I will let you know! 

Well, that's really all I can think about for now. But Danny and I are so relieved to be here in Washington, because he will start working this week with my step dad! We will be moving back to the Portland area a few months after Rylee is here. That is the plan anyway, it could possibly take longer than that, but that is our next and final destination. That is our home. 

The photo was actually taken on the day that I turned 28 weeks. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant

August 1, 2012

So I am actually 27 weeks today, but I am going to talk about my experience from last week. In week 26 I can actually start to tell that I am nearing the end of my second trimester. I am getting a little more tired, and I've heard a lot of women say that towards the end of the second trimester, and the beginning of the third trimester, you start to feel tired again. Of course it varies with people, but the percentage of women who do experience fatigue again at the end is high. 

My round ligament pain is getting worse as the weeks go by, it just lasts longer, and it comes a lot more. Before, I would only feel the pain when I'd move around in bed a certain way, but now I feel it no matter what I'm doing. But like I said in my vlog, it definitely helps when I put a couple of pillows in between my legs when I am laying down. It relieves the pain a lot. 
Rylee has the hiccups often, it is the strangest feeling. It feels kind of like a pulse in my stomach, kind of like a heartbeat. But it's way slower than a baby's heartbeat. Also, my heartburn is random. I will have it really bad on some days, and on other days I won't have it at all. I still take tums when I need to, and generally they do help, but sometimes they only work for a very short time. I am so excited, we only have 13 weeks left, and time is flying so fast. Thank you everyone for all the support!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

25 Weeks Pregnant

Week 25 has been the same! Big surprise huh? Danny and I found out that we will be welcoming a baby girl to the world, Rylee Madyson. We finally found out the sex, on the third try! We are excited, we only have a few more months left. I have already packed my bag for the hospital, well, partially. Rylee weighs 1 pound and 11 ounces.

I still have heartburn here and there, and it is not fun at all! But I take Tums and it fixes it right away. I still don't have stretch marks, and I have not experienced swollen ankles or feet yet. But that doesn't mean none of those things will happen! Only time will tell. I have the line (linea nigra) going straight down my belly from my belly button, but it is not very dark, yet, anyway. Rylee also likes to kick my bladder a lot, it is very uncomfortable. Oh yea, and I forgot to mention this in my vlog, but I have felt her having hiccups, and it is the weirdest feeling ever, and it's very annoying after awhile! I am getting more and more excited as the weeks go by, I am getting more and more ready. Danny and I could not be happier. I am so thankful for all the support from my family and friends, I couldn't ask for anything better. I love all of you guys! Thank you so much. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

24 Weeks Pregnant

July 15, 2012

Time is going by so fast!! I can't believe it. I have only a little more than 15 weeks left. Today I am 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I will talk about a lot of things in this blog post, about how I've been emotionally feeling lately, rather than just the symptoms I've been having from this week. But as far as symptoms go, I haven't gotten any new ones this week. 

I still get occasional heartburn/acid reflux, but I don't necessarily get it all the time. I usually get heartburn when I eat spicy or greasy food. I take Tums anytime that I do get it, though, and usually it seems to help a lot. I've heard this wive's tale a lot: if you have heartburn while pregnant, your baby is going to have a lot of hair. False. It may be true for some, but it is definitely not true for all. I have a couple friends who have had bad heartburn during their pregnancies, and their babies barely had any hair. Which is why I choose to believe that everyone is different, every baby is different, and these are just wive's tales. 

I also hear a lot of other things like, "if your carrying low, you're having a boy, and if you're carrying high, you're having a girl". I choose to not believe that, either. As with the other wive's tale, I have a few friends who carried low and had a girl, and vise versa. Every woman's body is different, and every baby grows differently. Not to mention, I've asked my OB about all of these theories, and she, too, said they are just wive's tales. 

Anyway, not much else has changed from last week. I still have the pelvic pain, or the pain around my symphysis pubis area. It's not too bad, it is definitely bearable. I am still waiting to get stretch marks, if I even get them. If you are one who believes that stretch marks are "inevitable", then just read my previous post about it, please, BEFORE leaving me any nonsense comments saying so. 

As far as how I've been feeling lately, I am definitely scared! We've only got a little over a few months left until the due date. Sometimes I doubt myself, I doubt that I'll be able to take care of a baby, only because I've never done so before. I don't know a whole lot about what to expect. Of course I've read up on it a lot, and I continue to do so throughout my pregnancy, but it's still scary becoming a first time mom. But in the end, I know that I'll do great, everything will fall into place. I know that I will be able to do it. Even though I may doubt myself sometimes, I know that when the time comes, I will be more than ready. 

I have watched a few "Natural Labor and Delivery Story" videos on YouTube already, and they have helped me a lot! I am prepared to take on the pains of labor, but I know that they won't last forever, and in the end, every contraction will have been worth it! Also, I like to keep in mind that "this too shall pass". There was this one video that I watched today on YouTube about this lady's natural labor and delivery, and she has inspired me so much more to go through with this natural birth. Like I said before, though, I plan on having a natural birth, if everything goes well and I am able to, however, if an emergency occurs, of course I am going to have to do what is best for myself and my baby, even if that means getting a cesarean section. 

Finally, I'd like to let everyone know that I am very, very ready to take on a natural birth. People may tell me that I don't know how it's going to be, or it's really different when you're actually there, BUT, what people don't know is that I have my heart set on it! I am a very strong-minded and stubborn person, there is no way I am going to allow myself to be on drugs that pass on to my baby during labor. I don't care how much pain I am in, the happiness that I'll feel when I see my baby for the first time will be worth it, the contractions will all be worth it in the end. I can do this, I will do this.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stretch Marks

Okay, so I would like to point something out that a lot of people seem to forget. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Everyone has different skin types, and everyone's bodies deal with things in a completely different way.

With that being said, not EVERYONE gets stretch marks from pregnancy. I am almost in my third trimester and I haven't gotten any... yet, that is. However, nobody really knows what my body will do! Especially people who don't know anything about my body!

A few people now have told me, "stretch marks are inevitable", well people, I never said I WASN'T going to get them. I simply stated that I do not have any yet (on my belly), and trust me, I've looked pretty damn closely! Heck, even my fiancé has tried finding some! Also, some anonymous COWARD told me to shine some light on my belly and I will find my stretch marks, this person claims to be an older mom, yet she acts so immaturely. She is so sure that I have stretch marks, yet she knows nothing about my skin, or my body. Hysterical, isn't it? 

Like I said in my Vlog, I have a few small, unnoticeable stretch marks on my boobs, but none on my belly yet. KEY WORD: "yet". I may get them, I may not get them. I know quite a few women who have had multiple children and have never gotten a single stretch mark on their belly. I know a couple who have had one kid and ONLY got stretch marks on their thighs.

In conclusion to this little "rant", or whatever you wish to call it, stretch marks are not ALWAYS inevitable. So save it. You may have gotten stretch marks, you may want to scare me or make me feel bad, but whatever the reason, I am not worried about it. Whether or not I do end up getting stretch marks, I will be happy with my body, because in the end I'll know I got an amazing gift because of it.

P.S. Don't try telling me to "look harder for them because they are there". I know my body better than anyone else, and I will definitely notice something like that if it pops up.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

23 Weeks Pregnant

July 11, 2012

So pretty much the same symptoms as the previous weeks, but the baby is moving a lot more. Danny has felt it, and it is such an amazing feeling to both of us. Other people are able to put their hand on my belly and feel the baby moving around. I am still very anxious to find out the sex, if we even get to. It all depends on the baby, hopefully s/he lets us see next time! Our appointment is on the 23rd of this month. I am excited. 

I don't have any stretch marks on my stomach or sides. I do have a few on my boobs, though. They aren't very noticeable at all. I had to look very hard, and I purposely tried to find them. My boobs have gotten so much bigger, and I figured I HAVE to have a few stretch marks on them. They are not red or purple or any other dark color like that, they are my skin tone. And like I said, they are very small, you can't even see them unless you're looking for them. 
We only have a few more months left, and Danny and I are so excited. I am still planning on having a natural birth. I am hoping for a water birth, but I need to find an area that has that option. Thank you for all of the support, and I love all of you guys.   The photo is from the end of week 23, so practically week 24, but this will suffice. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Blog

I have created a new blog on WordPress, PeaceLoveBeauty, and it's not going to be about anything specific. I've kind of dedicated this current blog to my pregnancy, as you can tell. But I wanted to make a blog about lots of different things. Life experiences I go through, traveling, beauty, and much more. I will have some beauty tips/tutorials eventually on this new blog. So go check it out and follow me on there as well! 

I will continue to post my pregnancy updates and photos to this blog, so don't forget about this one! I am excited to start writing about different things. 


Monday, July 2, 2012

22 Weeks Pregnant

July 2, 2012

Today I am 22 weeks and 6 days pregnant. It seems like time is going by pretty fast still. I feel fine still throughout the rest of my second trimester, but I am getting tired again. I think it has to do with the prenatal vitamins I am taking. I was taking a really good organic kind, they were called Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins made with organice fruits and vegetables. I ran out of those, so now I am taking my original prenatals that I purchased from Target when I first found out I was pregnant. The other ones had a ton of other good things in it too, like B12, which is where I got a lot of my energy from. Danny said he thinks that's why I'm starting to get tired again, because I started getting tired after I ran out of those prenatal vitamins. I am going to get more of those, though. They are expensive but they are so worth it. 

Other than that, everything else is still going pretty smoothly. I am still not all stuffy in the night anymore when I try to sleep, I can breathe regularly out of my nose, which is amazing. I still get to sleep with my mouth closed. I am able to eat whatever I want still without feeling sick or losing my appetite. Speaking of which, I am getting hungry a lot more lately. My appetite is bigger and I need to eat a lot more now. Like I said before, though, I am eating small meals throughout the day, I try to anyway.  My feet and ankles have not started swelling yet. Not all pregnant women get swollen feet and ankles, but a lot do. So I am not looking forward to that if I happen to be one of those women. It looks very uncomfortable and painful. It may not be painful, but it definitely has to be uncomfortable. I am still liking the weather in Arizona. So that hasn't changed, like many of you thought it would. :) So, I think I pretty much covered everything. Everything is just peachy. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

21 Weeks Pregnant

June 23, 2012

Hey everyone! I am 21 weeks and 4 days today. Time is flying fast. I don't have that many symptoms this week, just besides the fact that my stomach is still growing. I am hungry a lot more now, but I try to eat small frequent meals throughout the day like I should be. I mentioned in my video that I am breaking out a little bit on my forehead. I never really get acne, I have never had it actually, but I do have a few blemishes on my forehead that weren't there last week, or I don't think they were there anyway. 
I've also been getting acid reflux and heartburn this week. I take Tums to relieve it, and it helps a lot. And Tums are quite tasty. :) But other than that, nothing is really new for this week. I know I say that every week, but once again, the second trimester is all pretty much the same. I'm sure I will have more information for you guys when I get closer to my third trimester. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm Engaged!

June 15, 2012

As most of you already know, Danny and I are engaged!! I couldn't be any happier, I know that he is the one for me and that I want to be with him for the rest of my life. We have gone through a lot in the last 2 years, but we are a stronger couple now. There's no doubt in my mind that he is the one, we were made for each other! 

He proposed to me on the way to his dad's house in California. It was a long drive, and of course I said yes. He was planning to propose on our anniversary on June 30th in Portland, but we had already moved, so he just did it on the drive when we stopped and went on a hike in the woods. I wouldn't have it any other way!

I finally got my ring today! I ordered it online and I absolutely love it! It is gorgeous, the photos don't do it justice. I got the engagement ring and the wedding band, so I have the whole bridal set. I am one happy girl!

19 & 20 Weeks Pregnant

June 15, 2012

VIDEO for week 19 | VIDEO for week 20

I know I haven't posted in awhile, so I will post about week 19 and 20 today. I am 20 weeks and 3 days today. Both these weeks are pretty much the same. Like I have said before, the whole second trimester I feel the same, which is a good thing, because I feel like my normal self! 

I have actually been able to sleep a lot better these last 2 weeks, I've been using a vaporizer that my sister-in-law is letting me use, and that has helped a bit. I haven't used it the last couple nights, though and I haven't been congested at all. I've been able to sleep with my mouth closed and breathe just fine. 

The heat in Arizona isn't that bad like everyone said it would be, it's supposed to be hotter when you're pregnant, but I am LOVING this weather. I am so happy with the sun out everyday. I love the warmth, or hotness rather. 

There's not much else to say about weeks 19 and 20. I'm halfway done with my pregnancy though! It's crazy how fast the first half has gone. Danny and I can't wait to find out the gender for sure, we are pretty sure it is a girl! We will find out very soon!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant

May 31, 2012

If you've wondered why I post the date on here when it automatically shows the date already, it's because sometimes I don't post my experiences on the day that they happened. Anyhow, I am 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. I am exhausted, I have only slept 4 hours last night. One of my worst symptoms is allergies. I normally have allergies in the first place, but my nasal passageways have been extra congested lately, and that happens when you're pregnant. So I haven't been sleeping well and have been a lot more irritable lately. It's not fun, AT ALL. I do take Benadryl sometimes, my doctor has given me the OK to use it. But I don't use it often, I don't like how tired it makes me, and I'd like to take as little medication as possible while being pregnant. 
I have been experiencing round ligament pain a lot more now. If I am doing leg stretches on the floor, it hurts pretty badly. My pubic bone just feels so weird, like something is pulling it apart. It isn't an unbearable pain, but it's still pain. It even hurts when I'm sleeping and I go to turn over to my other side. I guess you could say it is more uncomfortable than anything. I know that it is normal, so I am okay with it and just learning to deal with it. The baby is growing, so everything in my body is getting bigger, giving the baby the room s/he needs. My back has been cracking a lot lately, on its own. If I get up from sitting or if I turn over while I'm laying down it cracks. I usually crack my back on my own, but it hasn't ever cracked on it's own like that until recently.  I definitely feel a lot more uncomfortable if I lie on my stomach, and no, I don't do that for anymore than a couple minutes. My stomach is definitely growing and I've been feeling the baby move a lot more lately. It is really an amazing feeling. I tend to feel it more when I am eating. The movements are getting more frequent for sure.  ANATOMY SCAN Today is also the day that Danny and I went to get an ultrasound of the baby and have an anatomy scan. Everything looked normal and fine to me, but we are waiting to receive results from the radiologist. My screening for Down Syndrome was negative, so our baby definitely won't have that, which we are so thankful for! Anyway, we were not able to find out the gender of our little one yet, the baby had its legs closed throughout most of the ultrasound, and when the legs were finally open, we still didn't have a good enough view. They said they didn't see any obvious boy parts, but it still could be either gender. We will have to find out next month hopefully, so we will schedule an appointment for then.  Danny and I are moving tomorrow! We will be in Mammoth Lakes, California for a week visiting his dad, then we will head to Kingman, Arizona to his sister's house. We will be driving, so we're leaving very early tomorrow morning. We've driven the distance before, so we know what to expect and we are excited. I love long road trips!