Thursday, August 9, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant

Hi again! So today I am actually 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I have started my third trimester, which I will talk about next week. So week 27 has been tiring, and stressful. Once again, Danny and I have moved back north. We will be staying here for awhile now, since we will have a new member of the family very soon. We moved because we weren't doing so well in Arizona financially. Moving back here is a great opportunity for us to start making the money we need to support our own family. We enjoyed our time in Arizona with his family, though. And we definitely do miss them, A LOT! But I feel like we did what was best for us and our baby. 

Like I said, week 27 was very stressful, stressing over money is not fun. I honestly expected Danny and I to have our own little place to live in before or by the time Rylee is here, but it wasn't going to happen if we stayed in Arizona. Moving back to the Oregon/Washington area will give us a chance to move into our own place a lot sooner, because we'll be making money here. It was even more stressful dealing with hurting people as we were leaving. I don't like hurting people, especially people I care about. But at the same time, I need to do what makes me happy, and what is best for me, and this decision I made came from my heart. 

Now for symptoms, I am getting slower, I cannot go on long walks because I start to get uncomfortable. I also get tired more as the weeks go by. My round ligament pain hasn't gotten too much worse from the previous weeks, but it's obviously still there. Like I said about it before, though, it is bearable. I know a lot of women get swollen ankles and/or feet around this time of their pregnancy, but I haven't gotten those (yet). My mom never got swollen ankles or feet with any of her 3 pregnancies. I still don't have stretch marks, I look almost every day to see if I have gotten any. That is one of the things I will definitely keep everyone updated on. And once I get stretch marks (if ever), I will let you know! 

Well, that's really all I can think about for now. But Danny and I are so relieved to be here in Washington, because he will start working this week with my step dad! We will be moving back to the Portland area a few months after Rylee is here. That is the plan anyway, it could possibly take longer than that, but that is our next and final destination. That is our home. 

The photo was actually taken on the day that I turned 28 weeks. 


  1. Hiya I have a question to ask
    When you wee baby is born can you make a video of her

  2. You're doing so well Lib! I'm proud to have followed your YouTube since before the pregnancy. You're stunning. And she will be making post-pregnancy videos.

  3. Heiii. Have you do your baby birth video? Just like GabeandJesse :)
    I love your videos :) You are stunning :))