Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As some of you already know, I am about to be a certified massage therapist. I attend Everest College in Vancouver, Washington. It is only about a 30 minute drive from Portland without traffic. I was originally supposed to graduate in January 2012, but I am a few months behind now because I transferred from Tacoma, Washington, and let me tell you: Vancouver is WAY nicer. But then again, who would expect Tacoma to be a nice city in any way? Tacoma is a really nasty city, a very small city in fact, and there are a lot of shootings and robberies there. I'm not saying there aren't a lot of those things everywhere else, because nowadays we all know there is, but Tacoma is as gross as it gets. 

Anyway, so now I am going to school in Vancouver, and it is only a year long course. However, I will be transferring yet again to the Tigard, Oregon campus when my roommates and I move, so that might put me a little farther behind again. We are moving to Beaverton because we all work there now, and I'll get into that a little later. Apparently the Tigard campus is nicer than the Vancouver one, which says a lot! Massage therapy is not only peaceful and relaxing, but it is very fun as well. It's not the first thing I wanted to do with my life after high school, but I definitely enjoy it. When I first started school, it was very awkward having to undress in class and get on the tables. Of course we had sheets covering us, so it's not like we were out in the nude! And yes, we got undressed behind curtains! After learning tons of massage techniques and strokes, it became less and less awkward each time. You may think that a 1 hour full body massage is a long time, but it actually goes by very quickly. The most fun part about massage therapy (in my opinion) is all the oil blends and products we get to make. I have tons of essential oils that I get to blend with any massage lotion or oil and all the different types of essential oils help with different things. The spa treatments are also a lot of fun... we have done buff and bronze, full body polish, full body exfoliations, and the list goes on. So if you're thinking about going to school for massage therapy, it is definitely amazing.

I originally wanted to go to beauty school and become a cosmetologist, but plans changed obviously. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE makeup, but I had my doubts about beauty school, and at the time, massage therapy sounded like a better idea. But I am young, and I will pursue a career in cosmetology, maybe after I am done with massage therapy. I basically just want to do makeup, not hair.  I am also thinking about going to college to eventually get my Ph.D in physical therapy. I believe that I can do as many things as I want, because I am still so young and have lots of life ahead of me. So we will see what happens in the next few years.