Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stretch Marks

Okay, so I would like to point something out that a lot of people seem to forget. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Everyone has different skin types, and everyone's bodies deal with things in a completely different way.

With that being said, not EVERYONE gets stretch marks from pregnancy. I am almost in my third trimester and I haven't gotten any... yet, that is. However, nobody really knows what my body will do! Especially people who don't know anything about my body!

A few people now have told me, "stretch marks are inevitable", well people, I never said I WASN'T going to get them. I simply stated that I do not have any yet (on my belly), and trust me, I've looked pretty damn closely! Heck, even my fiancĂ© has tried finding some! Also, some anonymous COWARD told me to shine some light on my belly and I will find my stretch marks, this person claims to be an older mom, yet she acts so immaturely. She is so sure that I have stretch marks, yet she knows nothing about my skin, or my body. Hysterical, isn't it? 

Like I said in my Vlog, I have a few small, unnoticeable stretch marks on my boobs, but none on my belly yet. KEY WORD: "yet". I may get them, I may not get them. I know quite a few women who have had multiple children and have never gotten a single stretch mark on their belly. I know a couple who have had one kid and ONLY got stretch marks on their thighs.

In conclusion to this little "rant", or whatever you wish to call it, stretch marks are not ALWAYS inevitable. So save it. You may have gotten stretch marks, you may want to scare me or make me feel bad, but whatever the reason, I am not worried about it. Whether or not I do end up getting stretch marks, I will be happy with my body, because in the end I'll know I got an amazing gift because of it.

P.S. Don't try telling me to "look harder for them because they are there". I know my body better than anyone else, and I will definitely notice something like that if it pops up.


  1. People told me the same thing but I never got a single one. You will start getting bigger and bigger in the last month though so stay hydrated and cocobuttered. Drinking water helps with preventing swelling too.

  2. Yeah I totally agree with you. I never got one stretch mark my whole pregnancy, and people were telling me at like 2o weeks, "just wait." And now I just laugh because I never got any except on mym boobs and some on my sides.

  3. Super excited for Ryker David - Zane Sperry or Riley Madison Sperry. :) I'll send you stuff if you have a p.o. box once you know the gender! Best of luck