Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birth Plan: UPDATED

I've been getting a lot, and I mean a lot, of questions about my birth plan and whether or not I will still be doing a water birth. I am no longer able to do a water birth due to the fact that I will be delivering in a different hospital than I thought I'd be delivering in. Danny and I have moved a couple of different times and the hospital near our house does not do water births. 

I really, really wanted a water birth. It was planned because I wanted to go natural and that seemed like the ideal way for me. I wanted to be relaxed, with candles lit, and soft music in a nice, relaxing and warm bathtub. I was never planning on doing an at-home birth, I wanted to be in a normal birthing center and do my water birth there. It was totally possible when I still lived in the Portland area, obviously much more things are possible in larger cities.

Since I live in a smaller town now, there are not as many opportunities like there are in cities of course. So I will just be doing a natural birth in a regular ol' hospital bed, which I am actually okay with. I have come to terms with this awhile ago. I figured leaving Portland, I wouldn't get to have the water birth I'd hoped for. But I am perfectly content with my birth plan now. I do not plan on having an epidural. Women's bodies are meant for this, we are meant to give birth. I don't feel it's necessary to have an epidural, especially with all of the risks that come along with it. I am not against epidurals, nor will I ever try and talk someone out of having one, and I'd appreciate the same from others. I am strong minded, and I know I can do this without any pain relief! The pain is only temporary, and it will all be worth it in the end!

So I will still be having a natural birth if everything is okay and if there is no need for an emergency cesarean section of course, but it definitely won't be a water birth. 

I have also gotten questions about breastfeeding. I've done tons of research on breastfeeding because I wanted to know all of the benefits. I will be breastfeeding. My goal is to breastfeed for one year. That is usually the recommended time to breastfeed for. It is also recommended that you exclusively breastfeed for 6 months, meaning that the baby only feeds on breast milk, and no other foods or liquids. I am confident that I can do it, I am aware that it will be painful, though. There are many reasons I choose breastfeeding over formula feeding my baby. Of course it's great that breastfeeding will help me lose the baby weight, but it's so much more than that. It's so much healthier for myself AND baby. It decreases any risks of ovarian and cervical cancer for the both of us. Breastfeeding decreases the chances of baby getting any kind of illnesses. It decreases the chances of baby ever getting obese. ALSO, a big one I like, breast milk goes through baby's body faster, making baby dirty diapers faster, and I know that doesn't sound too exciting, BUT, formula sits in baby's stomach longer so the baby feels more full for a longer period of time. This can cause constipation. 

So basically I just want what's healthiest for my baby!

Here is a message to everyone who leaves me sweet comments telling me they believe in me and they know I'll do great with a natural birth, also to everyone who tells me I inspire them to have a natural birth: 
Thank you so much! I don't know if you guys realize this, but I DO read all of your comments on YouTube, even though I may not always be able to write back to all of them. Your encouraging comments mean a lot to me. I love all of you! And for the soon to be moms out there who tell me I inspire you to have a natural birth because of the way I am approaching it, just keep in mind that your body is fully capable of giving birth with no medications! Of course labor is a scary thing to approach, but we just have to go in to that hospital with the right attitude and remember that we CAN do this, and that it will all be over sooner than later. Also remember that all the pain we'll endure will all be worth it in the end when we have our babies in our arms! 


  1. Loved reading this post. I am 22 weeks pregnant and have been thinking about my birthing plan. I have always wanted to have a natural birth, no epidural, and everyone has said I was crazy. You have just explained in the easiest way the same way I feel and it makes me feel so much better about my decision. I know you can do a natural birth. It will be completely worth it. I will keep you in prayer that everything goes well, and thanks again for your inspiring words. Can't wait to meet your little one. :]]

  2. Strong and brave ... that you and surely ... no, I'm sure you'll be an extraordinary mother and take care of your son: D Very nice words. Hopefully everything goes well, I'll keep you in my prayers. :33

  3. being with u throughout ur pregnancy was a great adventure! you surely are an amazing person and will be a great mom to ur daughter<3 unfortunately i had a miscarriage wen i was about 2 months through the pregnancy, but watching ur vids was a great experience and thank u for doing these vids much love for u and ur little fam<3 can't wait for the little one to arrive:)