Wednesday, October 31, 2012


If you've seen my 40 week vlog about my induction plan, then you know that I was supposed to get induced with cytotec today. Today is my due date, officially 40 weeks pregnant! So first of all, I'd like to say, that I have changed my mind. For the first time, I did some research on cytotec and the risks that come along with it. I don't know why it never crossed my mind before! At my last visit with my OB, he told me all about it and what it's meant to do. I sat there and listened as he gave me all this useful information. He is very informative and thorough when explaining something to me, that's what I really like about him. He didn't want to put me on pitocin because since I am still only 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, I would most likely have to have a c-section because I probably wouldn't progress fast enough. 

However, with my pregnancy brain, it didn't even occur to me that there MUST be risks, as there are risks with everything. So this morning I wake up thinking about it, being today's the day I am supposed to be induced with cytotec. I researched the drug, and I found that there are a lot of women who have had great labors and deliveries after being induced with it. But there are also women who have not had good experiences at all with it. I understand that some women and their babies are perfectly fine after taking cytotec, but I definitely don't want to be one of the ones who has a terrible experience. 

The risks that I've read about are terrible. Some women's babies have actually died, as well as the women themselves. Here is a quote from a website someone left on my 4 week pregnancy vlog, and thank you for sharing this, even though I already read about the risks, this was also helpful. It is some information about the drug, as well as someone's actual experience with it. I'll just quote the information, though, click the link below to see the whole story. 

"Cytotec├é® can cause abnormally strong uterine contractions (hyperstimulation or tetany) so strong that the uterus ruptures, resulting in severe injury or death of the mother and child.  It can cause such heavy bleeding that to save the mother's life, her uterus must be removed (hysterectomy),  leaving her incapable of bearing another child, and disrupting her natural hormones.  The violent contractions it provokes also increase the risk of amniotic fluid emboli that can result in a stroke or death.  Many, or maybe most doctors and nurses using this drug do not know."

After reading all these terrible things about it, I decided to contact my OB, I told him how concerned I was and all the risks I had read about. He told me that I will be fine, as well as baby, and that I will be monitored the whole time to make sure that nothing goes wrong. He said that they do this everyday and everything will be okay. I just don't feel like I should chance it. You only get one life and it's not worth chancing for something like this. 

So even though it has worked for some women with no issues, I do not feel my life, OR Rylee's life is worth risking. She will come when she's ready, and hopefully that's within the next 10 days, because my OB doesn't let his patients go 10 days past their due dates. He will induce me once I am past that. But hopefully she will be here within the next week! I know that this is the best decision I am making for my family and I.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it. 


  1. Good for you! :) Hope she comes soon and safely :)

  2. I am glad you stood up for yourself and Rylee. You are doing such an amazing job. Let her rent the space until she is ready to move out. LOL. Good luck and can't wait to see her!!!

  3. Good for you! You know what is right and safe for the both of you! She is a baby so they tend to be stubborn sometimes. Good luck and hope everythings ok. :)