Tuesday, October 2, 2012

UPDATE: Bad Things Happen To GOOD People

I know this is not pregnancy related at all, BUT, I feel that this issue has gotten out of hand and needs to be dealt with. A couple weeks ago, my step dad's truck got stolen while he and Danny were camping. Danny left his iPhone 4S under the passenger seat because it had 3% battery, and he felt it'd be safer in the truck than with him around the water and mud. And yes, the truck was locked, but the thieves got into it through the back window, popped the ignition out, and most likely used a screwdriver to start it (it's an old Toyota). 

Anyway, the cops around here didn't do much about the situation, so my mom and step dad searched for their truck on their own. They found it, with nothing left inside. The stereo was ripped out, and Danny's iPhone was also stolen. We called AT&T and reported the phone  stolen and they put it on the block list for us, so whoever has the phone won't be able to use it at all. We did have a tracking app on his phone before it got stolen, but whoever stole it must have taken the microsim out because it never showed up when we would try to track it. 

Very early this morning, on October 2, 2012, our car got broken into. Danny woke up at 6 to get ready for work. He came up to our room and told me that someone had broken into it and the whole inside was trashed. I don't know how they got in, I made SURE that I locked the doors, I press the lock button on the key about 4-5 times every time I lock the doors, and I see the car lights flash when I do it, so I know it gets locked. No windows were bashed in, no windows were even rolled down. The center console was ripped out, but nothing important was taken, we didn't really have anything important in the car. However, they did take a 4 boxes of granola bars that Danny bought for his lunches. These people must have been hungry if all they took was food! Luckily, the chief of police was slowly driving right past us as we were making sure nothing valuable was taken from our car. We stopped him and talked to him about what happened. Apparently, there were about 10 other reported thefts from other people's cars in the same neighborhood. We spoke to a couple of our neighbors already, and everyone is furious and tired of this shit happening over and over again. 

There's not really anything the police can do about it, they can't really seem to take fingerprints anymore from what they say, so this same crap is probably going to keep on happening. I've been out of this town for a couple years, and I've only been back for over a month and it has gotten so much worse since I've been gone. The thieves are getting away with so much, it's ridiculous. I understand that this is happening everywhere, but it's happening way too much in this small area, and it's only getting worse. 

So to everyone who lives in the South Bend/Raymond/Bay Center areas, you need to make sure your security is really good. Double check your car doors and make sure they are actually locked, don't leave ANY money or electronics in your car, even if your car is locked! Some people don't have a problem with bashing windows in. If you have a garage that locks up, then you're pretty much set. But there a lot of people around here who don't have garages. 

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