Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant

May 31, 2012

If you've wondered why I post the date on here when it automatically shows the date already, it's because sometimes I don't post my experiences on the day that they happened. Anyhow, I am 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. I am exhausted, I have only slept 4 hours last night. One of my worst symptoms is allergies. I normally have allergies in the first place, but my nasal passageways have been extra congested lately, and that happens when you're pregnant. So I haven't been sleeping well and have been a lot more irritable lately. It's not fun, AT ALL. I do take Benadryl sometimes, my doctor has given me the OK to use it. But I don't use it often, I don't like how tired it makes me, and I'd like to take as little medication as possible while being pregnant. 
I have been experiencing round ligament pain a lot more now. If I am doing leg stretches on the floor, it hurts pretty badly. My pubic bone just feels so weird, like something is pulling it apart. It isn't an unbearable pain, but it's still pain. It even hurts when I'm sleeping and I go to turn over to my other side. I guess you could say it is more uncomfortable than anything. I know that it is normal, so I am okay with it and just learning to deal with it. The baby is growing, so everything in my body is getting bigger, giving the baby the room s/he needs. My back has been cracking a lot lately, on its own. If I get up from sitting or if I turn over while I'm laying down it cracks. I usually crack my back on my own, but it hasn't ever cracked on it's own like that until recently.  I definitely feel a lot more uncomfortable if I lie on my stomach, and no, I don't do that for anymore than a couple minutes. My stomach is definitely growing and I've been feeling the baby move a lot more lately. It is really an amazing feeling. I tend to feel it more when I am eating. The movements are getting more frequent for sure.  ANATOMY SCAN Today is also the day that Danny and I went to get an ultrasound of the baby and have an anatomy scan. Everything looked normal and fine to me, but we are waiting to receive results from the radiologist. My screening for Down Syndrome was negative, so our baby definitely won't have that, which we are so thankful for! Anyway, we were not able to find out the gender of our little one yet, the baby had its legs closed throughout most of the ultrasound, and when the legs were finally open, we still didn't have a good enough view. They said they didn't see any obvious boy parts, but it still could be either gender. We will have to find out next month hopefully, so we will schedule an appointment for then.  Danny and I are moving tomorrow! We will be in Mammoth Lakes, California for a week visiting his dad, then we will head to Kingman, Arizona to his sister's house. We will be driving, so we're leaving very early tomorrow morning. We've driven the distance before, so we know what to expect and we are excited. I love long road trips! 


  1. get a body pillow, just a regular 10dollar one not a fancy pregnancy one. between your legs it helps take pressure off your hips which are spreading and i used mine to prop one leg on so i could be nearly on my belly without putting pressure on it! ive got a 6 week old girl and i still sleep with that pillow everynight.

  2. im your newest follower!
    i love finding other pregos, especially ones that blog and have a youtube!