Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life Without Danny: Week 6

We are going into the sixth week of being away from each other. But the good news is Danny is coming home earlier! Instead of coming home on December 4th, he will be back on November 3rd! We are both so excited. It's only a couple weeks away. 

Turns out he won't be taking the rails class after all. Long story. But he is almost done with the iOS course. And he is loving it. He has already made an app called fridgeit for iOS 7.0. It's not a very exciting app, it was just a little something he threw together in three days to have something to put on his resume. But he is working on creating a game right now and is actually putting some time into that app. 

As for Rylee, she is doing great. She is teething right now and her back teeth are next, she already has her top four and bottom four teeth. She's had those for awhile now. Poor baby is going to have a bad time with these new ones coming in. I'm very excited to see how she reacts when Danny comes back home. She loves him so much. She will be so excite to see her daddy again! 

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