Friday, October 4, 2013

Life Without Danny: Week 4

4 weeks down, 8 to go! Wow, time has just been flying by. I can't believe it has already been a month. It's getting easier day by day, although I don't really get to talk to Danny much on the phone. We usually only iMessage each other. And we don't even get to do that often because he's constantly working on iOS apps. But it's okay because I keep myself busy with Rylee, and it's nice hanging out with my grandparents. 

So like I said, I don't get to talk to Danny on the phone very often. I get to talk to him once a day, and it's usually at bedtime, if I'm lucky, I get to talk to him for a little while on his lunch break. Anyway, last night I finally got to talk to him, after not being able to talk to him all day. He was in line at a RedBox returning a movie as he was telling me about how he was at Vons the night before and a lady in line was being super rude to him. He finished his story, and I started talking to him about it, not knowing that I was on speaker phone, so everyone around him could hear me. Well, as I am talking to him, some girl behind him in line totally cuts me off and starts asking Danny about the situation in Vons he was telling me about, so he starts quickly explaining it to her. So I said "I guess I'll let you go and talk to you later." He asked "why?" And I said "because someone just RUDELY interrupted our conversation while I was talking to you and now you're talking to her." I said way more than that, I can't remember exactly what I said, but something along the lines of "holy shit, what is wrong with people?! I can't believe someone would try to stay a conversation with someone while they are clearly on the phone. Does she seriously not see that you're talking to someone?!" So he just started talking to me again. I asked what movie he was returning. And he said the new Star Trek. THEN the girl goes "oh that was a great movie huh?!" And I say "oh my god, she's doing it again? That's so f*cking rude and inconsiderate, she needs to shut up, I never get to talk to you and this is the only few minutes I have with you." Then Danny was walking back to his car and said "jeez babe, you're on speaker phone." Oops! I told him I was glad she hear me. Keep in mind I was a little sad in the first place that I don't have much talking time with my husband and I miss him like crazy. Also, I was so surprised that someone would completely interrupt someone on the phone. How disrespectful. AND, it's even worse because she tried talking to him a SECOND time after she heard me tell him it was rude the first time she did it. And after I expressed how much I miss him and never get to talk to him. So it was almost like she did it a second time to be a b*tch. Excuse the language. The whole situation just pissed me off! 

I do think I overreacted a little bit though! But, I have been exhausted for four weeks being a "single" mom, and I miss my damn husband! I don't regret saying anything I said while I was on speaker phone, like I said, I'm glad she heard me! Haha! 

All I know is, when I see someone talking on their cell phone, I definitely wouldn't randomly start a conversation with them. Have some decency people! 

Anyway, I cannot wait to see Danny in a month! He will be back in Mammoth to visit for the weekend for Rylee's birthday! :D 

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