Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life Without Danny: Weeks 7&8

The last couple weeks flew by. Danny came to LA on the 2nd of November. We stayed a few days at my grandparents house and drove back up to Mammoth yesterday. 

It's nice having him back. We are all still adjusting though. We both got used to being away from each other. But we are very happy to be together again. It has just been so tiring with all the driving we've been doing. 

We drove to San Diego on Monday, we took Rylee to the zoo for her birthday, which is tomorrow (November 7th). The drive to San Diego was 2 hours. Ry did pretty good but got a little fussy towards the end. The zoo was enjoyable though and wasn't very busy. Rylee had a blast seeing all the animals. She loves animals. 

The drive from my grandparents house in Azusa to Mammoth is 6 hours. Rylee did pretty good but there were times she just cried for awhile. Especially towards the end. We are in Mammoth one more day then we start our drive up north tomorrow morning. Did I mention Danny got a web development job in Portland? He starts Monday! I'm so proud of him. He just got out of dev bootcamp and he already has a job. Although it isn't iOS, it's a start. And he will still be doing iOS on the side. A few iOS jobs have contacted him for interviews in LA, but be already took the job at FINE Design and doesn't wanna chance it. Hopefully in about a year or so he can work for an iOS company. 

Anyway, that's all for this journey. I was a single mom for two months and it definitely wasn't easy. But I have learned so much from it. And I think it has bettered me as a parent. 

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