Wednesday, April 25, 2012

13 Weeks Pregnant

April 25, 2012

Hey guys! So I am feeling much better this week, I'll be in my second trimester next week! The past few weeks I have actually been feeling a lot better. It was a gradual change, but I am loving it! No more fatigue, there hasn't been any nausea for the past couple weeks or so, so everything is wonderful right now. I still have a lot of the same symptoms, however. I still have to get up in the middle of the night to pee, but that's only going to get worse. I am still a bit irritable, but I am working on that. I don't want to use my pregnancy as an excuse as to why I'm irritable, but sometimes you just can't help it. 

Many of you keep asking me for belly pictures, I am not going to do that until about 15-20 weeks. I don't feel like I'm showing very much at all, and not to mention I already have a "fat pooch", I don't want you to get the 2 confused. Hahaha! But, once I hit the halfway mark, you'll definitely be able to tell I am pregnant! 
As for the ultrasound photos, I am not going to post those for awhile (if ever), because I am not comfortable with hate comments about my baby. Not that anyone has bashed on my baby before, but babies do look a little weird while in the embryo and fetus stages, and I don't want any hateful comments towards the way my baby looks. Hate me all you want, but leave my family and friends out of it. Some people are just too ignorant to get that through their fat heads. 
I do use stretch mark lotion, I have been using it since I found out I was pregnant and decided to keep my baby, so pretty much instantly after I knew I was pregnant. I heard it really helps, I have a couple friends who started using it right away and do not have stretch marks. But everyone is different, so we will see! I really hope I don't get any, though. 
Anyway, thank you all for such wonderful comments, thank you for subscribing to me on youtube, and thank you SO much for your support. You really have no idea how amazing each and every one of you are.  ALSO! If you are pregnant, I suggest downloading an app on your phone for pregnancy tracking, they are so neat. They let you know exactly how far along you are (if you know your due date), and how much more time you have to go. It also tells you what your baby's progress is like for that week and what is happening to and in your body. I suggest the "Baby Bump" app. I love it! If you don't have a smart phone, a great site that does the same thing is, you have to sign up so it will send you a weekly update on your pregnancy! It's good to know what is going on!


  1. something that i found that helped when i went into was an app i downloaded for counting contractions..i believe it was called contraction calculator.