Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life Without Danny: Week 2

This (second) week was a little easier than last. I was still super lonely, but not nearly as much. My sister, Desiray, drove down from Oregon and visited a few days. That is another long story that I won't get into. But it was nice to see her, I haven't visited her in awhile. That alone kept me distracted for a little bit, and that's what I needed. I also went on frequent walks to run errands with my father in law. So that was also nice to have someone to talk to during the day while Danny was unavailable to FaceTime or call. 

My grandparents from Azusa got ahold of me this week and invited me to stay at their house for as long or as short a I wanted. This was such a nice offer because I always enjoy visiting them and their beautiful home. They offered to pick me up in Mammoth (a 6 hour drive), and bring me back whenever I want. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I was absolutely overjoyed. So my grandparents picked me up on the 20th, and here I am in Azusa! 

Being away from my husband has been a lot easier since being here at my grandma and grandpa's house. It still sucks and I still miss him a lot, but I'm a lot more distracted here. It's also a lot quieter here in the suburbs, so Rylee sleeps more peacefully. Where we live, there are always loud events nearby, with lots of music and drunk people. So Rylee had a hard time sleeping in that environment. It's a lot easier to deal with when I'm not taking care of her alone, so it's just nice to be away for a little bit. Rylee and I do miss Danny's family back home though! 

We still FaceTime Danny at night, and Rylee loves seeing him! She gets so excited when she sees his face, I know she misses him tons. She is doing very good, though, behavior wise. I am so proud of her. We are so excited for dad to come back home! 

On another note, there was a fire here in Azusa Canyon last night, and my grandparents house is right next to the canyon! So I got some pretty cool shots of it. The fire is completely out now, but there was still so much smoke this morning. It was all cleared out by this afternoon, though. The first photo is taken from the back balcony, and the second is taken this morning from the front, with my grandparents house on the left, that's how close we were! 

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